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lazer ([personal profile] lazer) wrote2009-12-15 07:51 pm

An intoduction

Welcome to my new DreamWidth. I'm not sure how often this will be updated.. But I will try to keep the posts here relevant to SOMETHING, instead of the little blurbs I post on my livejournal. I will try to keep this updated with real life events, maybe pictures when I can, and possibly my art when I can get it uploaded, haha.

I hope to meet interesting people here on Dreamwidth who share similar interests with myself. I will leave this journal public, unlike my LJ, with only some friends locked posts and filters. If you want to watch my journal feel free. Don't feel bad if I do not always watch you back. I may not know you, or not think we have anything in common. Don't take offense, I may friends watch you back if we get along well enough.

Well.. We'll see how this goes!