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Okay, so I'm getting ready for the 1st by putting together some goals, talking about the main parts of my body I hope to change, and posting some pictures to archive my current size and looks.

So I will start with some information:
I am 5'7 1/2" tall, my ideal weight is 140lbs. This means I need to loose 180lbs. That is a tall order right there.. But I hope to take it in steps with the goals I set to help me along! So, I will now post a few recent pictures to give you all an idea of my body shape and the way my weight distributes.
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As you can see.. I am not HUGE in the belly, despite my weight... Or at least I'm good at hiding some of it? Either way.. I definitely want to drop my waist size and loose the double chin and some of the weight in my thighs. I would really like to bring my waist size down to a 32, but 34-38 is really more realistic for my body type, most likely. So.. I think we get the idea of what I'm looking like so far.. On to other things.

I have some things that I know I need to cut out of my life in order to eat and drink better.. A list!

1: Sodas... these will be treats only, once every week or less! And only if I've done really good with my calorie intake thus far. I will also switch to better sodas when I do drink them.. I will avoid the ones that are exceptionally high in sugars and stick to the 'zero' style drinks.

2: Work food: Stop making meals at work. They are never good for you and can wreck any diet.. 

3: No candy and fattening snacks. I'm not actually a big candy person, so no issue there... And I prefer healthier chips like Sunchips and baked ones.. but I will still cut them down to more of a treat than anything else.

4:  Review current shopping methods and cut impulse items that may not be healthy.

So I will write more soon. I will put my goal/reward list on a different post so that I can keep it bumped to the top.

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Well, the New Year is right around the corner.. So much to look forward to! Tax season, FWA 2010, and the big one... dropping pounds! I'm prepared to make some major changes for the sake of health and happiness! This blog is going to become a log of my daily work, calorie intake, and workout plan. I will keep up with weight, ups or downs, as well as dress size, if I remember, haha.

I have planned some rewards for myself along my journey.. things that I want to buy, mostly clothes, but I either cannot get in my size, or know won't look good on me at this weight. I will make a list of those rewards and the goals I must achieve to get each one, marking it off as I make that mile stone. Some of them might seem like simple goals.. but I need the motivation to get me moving, a few early prizes to help me get started, if you will.

I plan to start this with the coming new year.. I want to enjoy my sugar cookies before I have to pack away the holiday treats and get down to business. I'll try to have my goal/prize list done before that, and will pick up a floor scale on my next paycheck.


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