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Okay, so I'm getting ready for the 1st by putting together some goals, talking about the main parts of my body I hope to change, and posting some pictures to archive my current size and looks.

So I will start with some information:
I am 5'7 1/2" tall, my ideal weight is 140lbs. This means I need to loose 180lbs. That is a tall order right there.. But I hope to take it in steps with the goals I set to help me along! So, I will now post a few recent pictures to give you all an idea of my body shape and the way my weight distributes.
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As you can see.. I am not HUGE in the belly, despite my weight... Or at least I'm good at hiding some of it? Either way.. I definitely want to drop my waist size and loose the double chin and some of the weight in my thighs. I would really like to bring my waist size down to a 32, but 34-38 is really more realistic for my body type, most likely. So.. I think we get the idea of what I'm looking like so far.. On to other things.

I have some things that I know I need to cut out of my life in order to eat and drink better.. A list!

1: Sodas... these will be treats only, once every week or less! And only if I've done really good with my calorie intake thus far. I will also switch to better sodas when I do drink them.. I will avoid the ones that are exceptionally high in sugars and stick to the 'zero' style drinks.

2: Work food: Stop making meals at work. They are never good for you and can wreck any diet.. 

3: No candy and fattening snacks. I'm not actually a big candy person, so no issue there... And I prefer healthier chips like Sunchips and baked ones.. but I will still cut them down to more of a treat than anything else.

4:  Review current shopping methods and cut impulse items that may not be healthy.

So I will write more soon. I will put my goal/reward list on a different post so that I can keep it bumped to the top.


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