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Well, I knew I'd wake up a couple times in the night, I always do when I am sick. Right now I am posting while I wait for the room to cool off. I was running my heater when I went to sleep originally because I was freezing, well now I'm burning up. This always happens to me when I am sick, I will be freezing or burning up and it flips on and off like a light switch.
   I wish my room mates would stop trying to 'help' so much. I was keeping all those Taco Bell napkins for a reason.. Cause you know, I don't get paid till Friday and everyone in the house uses my fucking toilette paper. I swear I'm the only one who buys the stuff. So anyway I guess she threw them away or whatever.
I will be glad when they get their own router or internet connection or whatever so that they will stay out of my room. I hate coming home and having to shoo people out of my room before I can go to sleep or check my e-mail or whatever. There is always some excuse why they cannot just get up and go too, they have to finish this, or finish that, or something or the other. I don't want to deal with this shit, especially when I am sick like I am right now.

I've been listening to the Christmas Classics station on AOL Radio. It makes me miss Canada even more. I want SNOW! Christmas isn't Christmas without snow to me. It's just wet and rainy and dreary here and it makes me miserable. My characters at least poke me with their muses when I listen to these songs, wanting me to draw winter themed art.. I'll probably try that when I have some free time. I really want to draw Vaga dressed in big furs, riding a horse out from his castle.. Something set in the past, possibly delivering gifts to the common rabble? I dunno, these are just visions they force on me while I lay in the bed.
  I also see Lazer as a cub, sitting in the lap of some other fur figure that I can't see clearly at this time, in front of a fireplace, a big Christmas tree close by, lights twinkling and ornaments shining. These are just ideas I have, or things they want me to draw, whatever way you want to put it.

Anyway, I suppose I should climb back into bed now that the room has cooled off a little and I don't feel so barfy.


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