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Well, the New Year is right around the corner.. So much to look forward to! Tax season, FWA 2010, and the big one... dropping pounds! I'm prepared to make some major changes for the sake of health and happiness! This blog is going to become a log of my daily work, calorie intake, and workout plan. I will keep up with weight, ups or downs, as well as dress size, if I remember, haha.

I have planned some rewards for myself along my journey.. things that I want to buy, mostly clothes, but I either cannot get in my size, or know won't look good on me at this weight. I will make a list of those rewards and the goals I must achieve to get each one, marking it off as I make that mile stone. Some of them might seem like simple goals.. but I need the motivation to get me moving, a few early prizes to help me get started, if you will.

I plan to start this with the coming new year.. I want to enjoy my sugar cookies before I have to pack away the holiday treats and get down to business. I'll try to have my goal/prize list done before that, and will pick up a floor scale on my next paycheck.


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